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                                     Our Buyer Services


Fair Trade Real Estate offers full service buyer representation. We will guide you through every step and make the process as stress free as possible. We are dedicated to educating the buyer to help them make informed decisions. We understand how important of a decision home buying is. Here is a  brief overview of the process.


Step 1 - Initial Consultation. We will meet with you to discuss your motivation for moving and your needs in a new home as well as your timeline for moving. We will explain the types of representation available to you, and give you an overview of the home purchasing process.


Step 2 – Lender Consultation. It is imperative that you speak with a mortgage lender early in the process to determine your ability to purchase and the price range that suits you best. If you are not in a position to buy now, a good lender can help you make the right moves to get you ready to purchase in the future. When you work with Fair Trade, you will not be under any obligation or pressure to work with any particular mortgage company or loan officer. We recommend that you speak with more than one to compare prices and services. We do hope you choose one with experience and a good reputation.


Step 3- The Buyer Consultation. Once you have lender pre-approval or a strong pre - qualification we will began the searching process. At our next meeting you will choose a level of representation and sign an appropriate contract.  We will explain how we receive compensation. You will pay no fee to work with us as a buyer.


Step 4-The Home Search. Now comes the fun part. We will listen carefully to your wants and needs in a home and neighborhood. Your loan approval will determine the price range, and we will begin to explore the types of homes and features that are available in various areas that fit that criteria. Our Multiple Listing search tools are sophisticated yet user friendly with easy links to photos of the properties, maps, tax information and lots more. We will set up one or more custom searches for you and you will receive updates informing you of new listings and price reductions within those search parameters. We will work with you to narrow the choices and start visiting properties.

We will schedule the property showings with the listing companies and guide you through the homes. You will never feel any pressure to purchase a home. We will point out negative features as well as the positive one. We will help you compare the various properties.


Step 5- The Purchase. Once you have decided on a home to purchase, we will assist and counsel you every step of the way. We will use the MLS to determine what comparable homes have sold for in the recent past and other factors to determine a good starting offer. We will advise you through the counter offer process. When we have an agreement in place, we will help you with the inspection process. We recommend a full buyer’s inspection on every transaction. As with the lender, we will respect your choice of inspectors, but we strongly recommend you use one with a professional designation. We will attend the inspection with you if you prefer and assist you with any re-negotiations that may be necessary. Once the inspection contingency has been removed, we will guide you through the closing process.


Step 6- The Path to Closing. Once all the contingencies of the purchase agreement have been satisfied, we begin the path to closing. It typically takes 30-60 days to complete the process for a financed purchase. We will coordinate with all the contributing parties including the lender and title company to insure a smooth process. We will keep you informed every step of the way. We can offer you resources in choosing a moving company and setting up the new utilities. We will schedule the final walk-thru. We will help you review your closing documents prior to closing and we will attend the closing with you.

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